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I’ve Moved

Hello there,

Adobe has started using WordPress now for our Blogging software. I have a new site where I add thoughts and news around Adobe ES. It is http://blogs.adobe.com/gary

You can also follow me on Twitter @codegary



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LiveCycle Hub is a sample AIR application (with source code!) that connects to your LiveCycle server to create PDFs and Packages, although you could make it call any LiveCycle Service if you wanted. Download: LiveCycle Hub

I just configured it to point to my LiveCycle in the Cloud and it works great.

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One of the simplest yet most useful aspects of the LC ES Service model is that all Services have a WSDL; be they Services that we provide out of the box, Services that you write using custom component development or even processes that you author using Workbench. One problem is that there are so many ways that you can actually call a Web Service. Our SDK Guru Scott MacDonald has put together a great new guide for writing applications that call LiveCycle Web Services: Latest Web Service Guide

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