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LiveCycle Signatures ES allows you to Certify PDF documents and interactive Forms, validate Recipient Signatures on a Form and also use the server to apply Signatures to your Forms.

In this article I would like to add a few warnings and offer best practices for using LiveCycle Signatures ES in your server applications and work flows. That is, server applications that need to participate in the creation and validation of Digital Signatures, not just relying on Acrobat/Reader at the client for all Signature work.

There are actually many file format variations behind the types of “PDF Form” that you might use with LiveCycle. In order to use Digital Signatures successfully on the server, you need to know the exact file format that you are using and know exactly what you can and cannot do depending on that file format.

There are mines lying in wait, but with a map you can get around them.

Mine #1 Certifying a Dynamic XML Form: Recording

Avoid the Mine using a Static XML Form (or upcoming Reader 9): Recording

<More mines coming this week>


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I am shamelessly plugging this for the Acrobat Users Group 🙂 The PDF Forms and LiveCycle Designer templates Contest is an opportunity to win yourself some prizes while sharing examples of your PDF Forms design and/or technical expertise. See here for more information.

Also Girish Bedekar (legend from the Adobe Forums!) has launched a Blog with samples for LiveCycle. Check it out. Girish’s Blog 

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